The Mindset Institute uses Tallyfy to automate their digital marketing

The Mindset Institute team provides support services for their online members who are athletes. Their growing team uses Tallyfy to ensure all aspects of their membership service and  online marketing procedures are done consistently, efficiently and on time.

Hanka Hanga


What was the core problem you wanted to solve?

We wanted to ensure that all of our employees could track and manage daily tasks across all online marketing procedures, such as website backups, website design updates, landing page updates, reviewing website analytics etc. Having procedures documented in one place became particularly important when onboarding new employees.

What other software did you evaluate before you chose Tallyfy? Why did you select Tallyfy?

We were doing our online marketing procedure from memory and tried using Process Street’s and Glip’s software. Tallyfy offered an amazing deal for the features it offered, plus it is visually fun and enjoyable to use.


How has Tallyfy impacted your business – what do your clients or employees think – metrics / impressions / differentiation?

We see Tallyfy is improving its feature set very fast! Tallyfy has put all our core business procedures in one place. Tallyfy’s template library holds all of our important online marketing procedures. We use Tallyfy to setup everything, keep ourselves accountable and even use it to onboard new clients.


Tallyfy is particularly good at ensuring critical time-sensitive client setup tasks are done in a certain timeframe. We can quickly gather every detail we need from our client in order to finish it on time. All the documents, specific details and comments are in one place!

What specific features did you like most about Tallyfy? Why?

The online support is amazing! Their team is very fast at responding to any questions and features requests.

In up to 3 sentences, how would you describe Tallyfy to others?

Tallyfy organizes any business workflow in one place. It is also intuitive, fun and visually appealing.

Would you recommend Tallyfy to others? If so, to who (which role in a company/industry), and why?

Yes, I would recommend Tallyfy! It is perfect for people implementing, managing and executing any online marketing work.

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