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Beautiful client experiences

Tallyfy gives you unlimited, free assignment of tasks and forms to automate data collection from outside clients. They see your custom branding and they get "one link for life" that requires no signup or login.

Everyone must complete

Efficient teamwork requires a simple way to automate accountability. If 4 people are assigned - all 4 need to complete the task. Eliminate the stress of back-and-forth chats and emails to achieve consensus.

This is not another comment

Commenting is great, until you're buried in an ocean of hundreds of random comments - and you have no idea what's actually important and what's noise. Report an issue to segment your chats beautifully.

If this - then that

So many tasks are "Not applicable". Automate decisions to prevent mistakes. Reduce long, irrelevant lists into short, relevant tasks. Use rules to hide and show tasks. Make workflows amazingly clear.

Structured fields

Collecting information via chat, email or documents is a mess - you get a jumbled pile of responses in random formats. Structured form fields in Tallyfy formalize responses and make data usable and organized.

Approve / Reject

Make decisions so easy that it literally takes one click to move on. Save a ton of wasted time and prevent uncertainty and stress at work.

Every process involves a flow of information

Tallyfy lets anyone document and run all kinds of repeatable processes. The power of systems is in your hands. You can really scale and systemize your operations to differentiate and win.

See how you can create your process

Definition of a process

Beautiful snap-ins to your existing systems

Tallyfy integrations

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Tallyfy empowers you to create and run custom workflows in your team

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Want to automate approvals, handovers and tasks between people?

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  • Define your forms, approvals and processes

    Start with everyday needs

  • One place to see your services and processes

  • Kick off approval workflows using web forms

  • Update SOP’s to eliminate versioning chaos

  • Define who does what, when and how

  • Real-time workflows for employees and clients

    Be the best manager on Earth

  • Works without leaving Outlook or Gmail

  • Integration via webhooks and API

  • Real-time tracking for all your processes

  • Branching automates your decisions

  • Process improvement for any size of business

    Gain competitive advantages

  • Handle process variation without flowcharts

  • Integrate via open API and SSO

  • Integrate any AI/RPA into tasks

  • Stream analytics to your BI system



Simplify business processes into clear and actionable tasks, forms and approvals.


Create your blueprints

Define how a process is done. Get consensus from everyone.

Organize blueprints

One, beautiful place for all your processes.

Add rich detail

Specify supporting links, documents and instructions.

Add smart forms

Collect structured data in any kind of form field.

Auto-assign work

Pre-set who is doing what. Automate approval chains.

Apply relative deadlines

Automate deadlines that are dependent on other tasks.

Apply process rules

Define the flow of decisions and actions via conditions.

Make tasks flexible

Make some tasks mandatory and some optional. This is not a flowchart!

Add one-off tasks

Add one-off tasks as personal to-dos or even to an existing process.

Kick off processes from a form

Have a “request form”? Place it right at the beginning.



Track the status of all your work in one place. See who is doing what, when and how.


Process Tracker

A beautiful place to track the real-time status of everything.

Progress bars

See status without a single meeting, email or phone call.

Task lists

See the workload of your coworkers too.

Real-time notifications

Keep up to date with a live-stream of notifications.

Audit trails*

Reliable logs showing exactly who did what, and when.



Tallyfy is specially designed to help you work with people inside and outside your company.


Assign coworkers

Assign tasks, forms and approvals to multiple coworkers.

Assign guests

Drop a task or form securely to your clients.

Have a conversation

Focus your chat in the context of actual work to be done.



Everyone knows exactly what’s next and what’s important.


Custom process views

Filter and watch the specific processes that matter to you.

Issue reporting

Issues are not just comments. Highlight and resolve issues beautifully.

Deadline status

See what’s on time, due soon or running late to make informed decisions.



Automate any decision-making process with a beautifully simple yet powerful rules engine.


Conditional branching

Hide and show tasks based on other steps and form fields. Mimic flowcharts.

Deadline rules

Escalate an action when a task is completed on-time or late.

Form rules

Trigger actions that are conditional on information captured in form fields.

Approval workflows

Quickly build YES-NO approval workflows that take different paths based on outcome.

Loop and repeat*

Loop, repeat and clone a task.



Set, control and customize access and settings according to your needs.



Search and organize blueprints and processes with tags.

Email reminders

Set how you get notified about tasks and actions in Tallyfy.


Add your logo on the Tallyfy dashboard. Brand emails (coming soon).


Pipe CSV exports and real-time streams to BI tools for process improvement analysis.



Connect with and trigger actions to and from your favorite systems.

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Note … ‘*’ indicates this feature is coming soon.

Want to automate approvals, handovers and tasks between people?

Start automating workflows now with your free 14-day trial of Tallyfy


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