Are you expecting business users to use Microsoft Flow, or Microsoft Power Automate?

You don’t need to guess the answer – judge for yourself.

Hours of pain in Microsoft Flow

Warning – this is painful to watch.

Below is a public video by Jon Levesque – who works for Microsoft demonstrating how you create approval workflows in Microsoft Flow/Power Automate. The video is artificially speeded up. That means this 11-minute video is more like 30 – 40 minutes in reality. It assumes you’re technically savvy, which most people are not.

4 minutes on Tallyfy

Scales to hundreds of processes.

Watch how business users can create and run workflows a lot better – and do it in minutes. It doesn’t just run on email – there’s an awesome UI. Observe how Tallyfy also has critically important capabilities that would be painfully difficult or impossible to get on Flow like reporting issues as conversations.

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Tallyfy has a connector for Microsoft Flow. It’s complimentary to Flow.

To be clear – this page illustrates that Flow is an integration product which is designed to integrate apps together. Tallyfy is designed for business users to run internal and external workflows with incredible ease.

To learn more, please take a look at our connector documentation or schedule a chat.

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