Tallyfy vs. Email and Chat Apps

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You can beautifully augment your current chat platform (like Slack) with Tallyfy. We have native integrations for various email and chat platforms. Get all the power and benefits of Tallyfy – integrated into your existing email and chat. Schedule a call with us to learn more or see the integrations here.


60 replies. 70 unread. Real Time Stress.

Chat is like email overload. But it’s real-time.

  • The same questions get asked – all the time. The answers are the same. Every. Single. Time.
  • You ask for information. You (might) get back a random jumble of stuff. This repeats hundreds of times.
  • Everything is a message. What’s important? What’s an approval request? What’s just “FYI”? Dunno!
  • How do you go from chatting to tracking a process as a team? Lots of talking – but not much doing.
  • People suggest awesome things like “Next time – let’s do it this way”. It’s totally forgotten next time.
  • Your job is putting out fires. Everything is a Hollywood drama. Nothing is predictable. It’s real-time chaos.


Track all your processes – in one place

See it on a visual tracker. Be calm.

  • You make a blueprint for repeatable work. You use the blueprint to spin up a process in about 3 seconds.
  • You add form fields inside tasks like text boxes and dropdowns. Info arrives structured and clean.
  • You have specific chats about specific things with specific requests to do a specific thing.
  • You create tasks off chat – great. Even better – launch entire processes to automate who does what.
  • When you want to improve your process (a mistake, an idea) – edit your blueprint. It’s captured.
  • You see the status of every process on a super-helpful, color-coded dashboard. Everyone enjoys bliss.

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